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The history of Denim Day began in 1999, when an Italian court, on appeal, overturned the conviction of a driving instructor who was found guilty of raping an 18-year old student. The appeals judge ruled, “Because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them … and by removing the jeans … it was no longer rape but consensual sex,” causing an international uproar. To protest, women in the Italian Parliament called for a “skirt strike” and wore jeans to work. Since this time, businesses, organizations and schools throughout the world have participated in promoting sexual violence awareness in April.




* The 21st Annual Denim Day event will be held on April 29, 2020.

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"Why Denim? Ask me about Denim Day" - 1½" Buttons
Why Denim? Buttons... *SALE BAG OF 1 ½” BUTTONS- 72 assorted Sexual Assault theme buttons per bag, only $32.50.
"Why Denim? Ask me about Denim Day" Stickers - Roll of 1,000
2" stickers with Why Denim? imprint. Roll of 1,000 stickers only $53.95 per roll.
642-ASK ME ABOUT DENIM DAY Wristbands -          Bag of 25
Package of 25 wristbands with the debossed message "Ask Me About Denim Day" Only $24.75 per bag.
Ask me about denim day - Ballpoint Pen
Blue ballpoint pen with Why Denim...ask me about denim day imprint. Only $0.45 each. Quantity discounts available.
Why Denim - Lapel Pin
Finest quality enamel. Gold plated with butterfly clutch. Only $1.80 each. Quantity discounts available.
Why Denim?- 100% Cotton Tee Shirt
White 100% cotton tee-shirt with multi-color imprint. Only $10.95 each. Sale Package of Tee-Shirts - Package of six shirts only $55.80. Includes a 15% discount. **Available sizes: XL and Large only.
Why Denim? Ask me about Denim Day - 2¼" Buttons
Why Denim...Ask me about denim day - 2 1/4" Buttons...see next page for quantity discounts.
WHY DENIM? Ask me about denim day - Bag of 100 Balloons
11" white balloon with Why Denim? imprint on two sides. Bag of 100 balloons only $39.00.
Why Denim? Ask Me About Denim Day - Pencil
White pencil with the imprint Why Denim Ask Me About Denim Day. Prices starting at only $0.28 each. Quantity discounts available.
Why Denim? Teal Ribbon  10" Plush Teddy Bear
Plush 10" Teddy Bear pinned with the Why Denim? Button and Teal Ribbon. Or choose any of our sexual assault awareness buttons. Only $6.95 each.